"Bachelor Herd"

The real bachelor Herd.jpg
The real bachelor Herd.jpg

"Bachelor Herd"

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Browse our gallery of Craig Bone NEW RELEASE UNIQUE MADE TO ORDER giclées. 

We are excited to announce this is where you can tailor order the giclée size to suit your needs. 

We have the size of the original for you in the description.  All you need is one of the dimensions of the painting size (without frame) that you have a space for on your wall and we can take it from there.        

Make your choice of giclée on canvas or paper and you are ready to order. 

Keeping prices down as we only print on demand.

Contact us through the ‘contact page’ to order your own unique size. We will contact you via email.

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Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Artist Craig Bone has captured his homeland and its beautiful animals in such a natural yet breathtaking manner. All his paintings are researched and inspired by Africa. His Elephants are majestic.

If you are an overseas customer, please contact us via the contact page for orders and a representative will email you.